Services and Capabilities

We have capabilities to provide hot dip galvanizing services for a wide variety and configurations of products.

We have perfected the centrifuge process permitting excellence in galvanizing of small parts;

  • Fasteners
  • Washers
  • Forging and stamping of all sizes and configurations
  • Castings
  • Wire forms, nails and staples
  • Small weldments

Our process enables a quality nut fit on threads as small as 1/4″ – 20.


We also handle various classes of hanging work, with a focus on products that require a higher degree of quality;

  • Light to medium weight structural members and fabrications
  • Tubular fabrications and railings


Trucking Services:
We can provide pickup and delivery services to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Peoria and their surrounding communities that can make your job easier and reduce your delivery costs. Please inquire so we can assess if our capabilities will meet your needs.


Packaging Services:
Most of the material we process is received and returned in bulk. We do some packaging for some of our customers. If you have specific needs, please let us know so we can assess our capability to meet them.